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Weekly Inspirer - Bob Marshmallow


Weekly Inspirer - Bob Marshmallow

Always Eat Dessert First

This week we had the honor of interviewing Bob Marshmallow. Bob's portfolio of Quotifuls is known for it's pensive and intellectual character. Read the interview, and if you are in need of some deep life thinking as well, follow Bob Marshmallow on Quotiful to discover more great quotes!

Quotiful: We love the pensive nature of the quotes you share to the Quotiful community. They make us reflect and more importantly; move us to take action towards making positive change. What experiences in your life have shaped these values?

Bob: One experience of being afraid of change was when there was a chance that I might not have been able to see any of my friends for the year of 8th grade. There was a chance that my family would have to move. I was afraid that I wouldn't make any new friends, let alone, see my other friends again. Another experience was when my best friends were all going to a certain high school; unlike me, which was when I was put in a situation in which I would be in a class with some of my recent classmates, whom never spoke to me too nicely. When nobody could help me through these situations, I read books. All sorts of books. And I kept on moving because of the motivating quotes I now keep in mind every day.

Quotiful: What's your favorite quote or motto in life and why is it important to you?

Bob: My favorite quote is said by John Muir, "The power of imagination makes us infinite."

This is my favorite quote because without creativity, what would the world be like now? Today, you can see a 10 year old with an iPhone 6, rather than making mud pies or pretending to be a superhero who saves the world from a villain. Without imagination, these 10 year olds wouldn't have an iPhone to check their Facebook status on. This quote inspires me to always think of awesome new things and ideas.

Quotiful: What core message do you hope to inspire others with?

Bob: My life motto is below:

"Be who you are. Do what you love and smile whenever you can. And always eat dessert first, because life is short."



Weekly Inspirer - Alisha Dickerson Wright

Actions Speak Louder than Words

This week we had the honor of interviewing Alisha Dickerson Wright. Alisha's portfolio of Quotifuls contains something for everyone; whether you're in need of a pick-me-up or simply the comfort of knowing you're not alone. Follow Alisha on Quotiful and be inspired by her message!

Quotiful:  Your portfolio of Quotifuls emphasizes the importance of simply having the right attitude on a daily basis and making choices that reflect that attitude. How did you come to value this?

Alisha: I wanted my portfolio to have as many diverse quotes as possible because not everyone wants to read a bright and sunny quote every day because honestly, not every day is rainbows and sunshine. I believe if a person looked through my profile, they would be able to find a quote or quotes they could relate to their current situation (good, bad, angry, sad, sarcastic, funny, etc.) and that's extremely important to me because I want that person to know other people had the same thoughts and feelings, some famous...some not, but you're never alone!  When it's all said and done at the end of the day, I still want things to stay lighthearted because tomorrow is a brand new day and we have the power to choose to enjoy that bright and sunny quote.

Quotiful: If you could sum up your life motto with a favorite quote, what would that quote be? Why?

Alisha: My life is summed up by this quote, "When someone shows you who they really are, believe them."  This quote has proven true of men, family, friends, and any person I have come into contact with in my life.  If the words don't match the actions, trust the actions because they never lie.  I listen to what a person says and I'll watch what they do then it's my job to make a decision if this person is a keeper or a person I'll end up wanting to "fix" and as we all know you never really "fix" anyone.  This quote has helped me cut so much drama and pain out my life!  It has left room for healthy relationships where words and actions match.

Quotiful: If you could tell people one thing you learned in life what would it be? What do you want to inspire others with?

Alisha: If I could pass on one life lesson besides the one above I would tell you to never give up on your dreams...NEVER!  We all have our responsibilities but if you have a hobby, make time to do it, even if it's not much time each day.  If you wanted to learn how to play guitar in high school, no matter how old you are now, do it. You will find the quality of your life improved and your happiness, no matter what your situation, will soar if you follow your dreams. I'm not saying quit your full-time job and start a rock band but find a passion and you will notice a release in the level of stress that has built up in your body. Another benefit you will find is that it will add extra happiness to the rest of the years you have here on Earth for you and the people you love because they want to see you happy too!

Below are a few of Alisha's heart warming and thought provoking Quotifuls.