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Weekly Inspirer - Kailee Matras


Weekly Inspirer - Kailee Matras

Letting go of negativity

This week we interviewed the strong-willed Kailee Matras. Kailee's perspective offers an approach to dealing with unhealthy relationships. Read our brief conversation with Kailee below, and for more inspiration, check out her portfolio in the app!

Quotiful: Your portfolio would be very uplifting to someone who is going through some tough times in their interpersonal relationships. Several of the Quotifuls in your portfolio can be grouped into this theme of not letting the wrong person pull you down. What experiences in your life have helped shaped this perspective.

Kailee: I didn't grow up with a good mother so I had to learn to be confident and independent. 

Quotiful: What's your favorite quote or motto in life and why is it important to you?


"Let go of what's killing you even if it kills you to let go."

This is important to me because this is what I remember to get through my day, and I think it's really meaningful. 

Quotiful: What core message do you hope to inspire others with?

Kailee: If someone thinks they're better than you, leave. You don't their need negativity in your life. 

Check out some of Kailee's Quotifuls below: