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12 Empowering Emma Watson Quotes

Emma Watson is a 24 year old British actress, model and human rights activist. She won our hearts in her outstanding performance as Hermione Granger, a wizard fighting the battle between good and evil in the famous Harry Potter film series. After the series, Emma took her fighting skills beyond the movie screen and became an influential advocate for global women’s rights.

Appointed as the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador in 2014, Emma dedicates her efforts to empowering women around the world. In launch of the UN's HeForShe campaign, a gender equality movement that compels men to support women for the greater good of all humanity, Emma made a memorable speech that mobilized thousands of men, including United States President Barack Obama, to stand-up in addressing discrimination faced by women.

Emma’s determination and dedication to this cause has made her an important role model for many. She inspires women to value their independence and fight for their rights. To empower you to take the lead in your life here are 12 of her most inspiring quotes.