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Weekly Inspirer - Judith Bernice

Weird is Wonderful

This week we have the privilege of featuring one of the most joyful people in the Quotiful community, Judith Bernice. If you ever need a dose of upbeat inspiration, visit Judy's portfolio of Quotifuls and you'll instantly feel happier.

Quotiful:  We can’t help but get infected with a sense of joy when looking at your portfolio. Your Quotifuls are concise and scream excitement for life. What experiences in your life have shaped these values?

Judith: My childhood was challenging. Reading voraciously showed me there were choices to be made. Journaling my thoughts since I was ten taught me self-reflection. I believe those activities helped me to choose a life of joy. My immediate family and close friends embrace my authentic self. I operate from a base of love and acceptance. It is where joy blooms.

Quotiful: What’s your favorite quote or motto in life and why is it important to you? What core message do you hope to inspire others with?

Judith: “Weird is wonderful” is MY phrase. As an educator, I used it in my English classrooms; ask any of my former high-schoolers! A metaphor, it is significant to me because it speaks to each of our unique selves. I truly believe we are each “stars” who have our own way to shine. My goal is to project that positive, inspiring message through the quotes I post. Be proactive. Be you. You have free will. Oscar Wilde said it so well, “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”

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