Our Content Marketer, Rebecca, has always shared a passion for quotes and believes that surrounding oneself in quotes lends to a brighter and more meaningful lifestyle. Even through life's hardships, she's learned it's important to practice a positive mindset and always look for the silver lining in everything. Below she shares 12 of her favorite quotes and explains how they apply to her own life. Impressively, all of her Quotiful's were created using her own beautiful photography!

Roald Dahl is an old favorite author of mine. This quote from "The Twits", a great book for any of you who remember it, really gets beyond the exterior of what it means to be a positive person. Being positive is not only helpful for yourself, but also for the people around you. Positive people attract others in their exuberant attitudes toward life and often provide great support to others. A constructive mind leads to a more productive outlook for others. 

This quote from The Temptations song "My Girl" will always be special to me. Whenever I've been down, I can always count on this song to lift my spirits. Even though its a love song, it's catchy lyrics and upbeat tune can bring anyone up from those moments. Again, it emphasizes a main principle of staying positive: Finding the good is not dependent on the surroundings. It depends on the person and their attitude. Let's keep that attitude at 100 degrees on a rainy day! It can be a game with yourself to find that positive in the day. And practice makes perfect :)


The Beatles songs are filled with inspiration if you listen closely. As a personal fan of poetry, I find this quote to be particularly meaningful because of how poetic it is. To me "images of broken light" are those memories that would rather be forgotten sometimes. These memories call on and on, and linger with us way past what's necessary. Nostalgia is a healthy way of coping with our past but it's important to not let it get too far. 

This quote really resonates with me when going through something really hard. At these times, everything turns gray and it's hard to see what's good. I like to focus on the little good parts of the day: the morning coffee that wakes me up. The great beat in the song I'm listening to. Even the outfit I took the time to pick out. These things help make the overarching seemingly bad things just a little bit better. 

I love this quote for it's reminder to be strong in your opinions. I like to think that I don't rely on other people for my happiness and most of it comes from within myself. Harboring this happiness is a muscle but the outcome is worth it. I can definitely thank Macklemore for his insightful lyrics and powerful messages, such as this one. 

Another power quote from Macklemore here. Sometimes in life, people and obstacles will try to sway you from achieving your goals. This quote is a reminder to keep that strong sense of self and persevere towards those goals despite whatever life throws at you. 

When I was in eleventh grade, I would listen to this song, "The Best Day", by Atmosphere, every day on the drive to school. I was dealing with the usual high school teenage angst, and this song really brings me back to that time when friendships were not at their best. Just listening to that song and remembering to take things day by day really helped me then. 

This quote is from a favorite book of mine, "The Perks of Being a Wallflower". Although this  quote is a seemingly harsh reality check, it's mainly a piece of advice. We strive to understand why things happen and analyze those changes to no end, but that act is pointless. Chbosky is telling us that when these things do happen, we should adapt to the next step in life and live in the present, because life really doesn't stop for anybody. So the overanalyzing should.

Humans run on the connections we make with other people. These connections are all about commiserating, agreeing, and validating one another. There is nothing that compares to the feeling of joy that comes from that moment when two souls engage and understand each other on a deeper level.

One of the things that I think is very important is being positive for the sake of others. Even a simple thing as a smile can help someone else who isn't doing as well on a given day. Kindness is symbiotic and contagious. I think sharing kindness is one of the best things you can do for yourself and for others. 

Nostalgia is something I feel at a very real level. It's important to stay in the moment and let the experience really wash over you and envelop yourself. Sometimes it can be tempting to ask "what if" but Chbosky reminds us that these moments later become stories and lose their power sometimes. 

I mentioned earlier that I have an interest in poetry and this last quote actually comes from one of my poems I wrote. I think it emphasizes something that often people don't realize. We try to follow the correct path in life. Whether that be a happy marriage, observance in religion, or wealth in the career world, we all strive to attain something that we believe is the ultimate goal. We don't allow ourselves to stray off the path and we reprimand ourselves when we do. The message here is to remind us that we are allowed to change our goals and redefine what success means for ourselves. This is because life doesn't follow the straight lines that we perceive it does. Life doesn't follow the lines in the notebook but those curved lines of life build character and resilience in ourselves. These experience shape us and the best we can do is help all of those experiences create the person we want to be.